Anime edition

I finally got around to finishing my old cross-stitches, finally found all threads of right colours 🙂 . You probably know by now that I watch quite a lot of anime, the ones below are just a peek into how anime has found a profound connection with me. I came upon Naruto when I was … More Anime edition

Random DIY’s

I know its been more than a month since I updated new content, just been swamped with a lot of stuff. Sometimes it is just crazy how so many things can happen in short period of time. Anyway, I finally have some time on my hands right now. I am on a break this week … More Random DIY’s


“When everything seems hopeless you need to take it one day at a time. And if one day becomes too much, then just take one hour at a time. And if an hour is too much, just take a minute at a time”. I came upon SKAM when I was at a low point, the post … More SKAM


I have a profound love for cross-stitching. It is mostly therapeutic. I am sharing the ones done over the past few years, ever since I started. These are old ones. I have a lot of unfinished ones too, as mostly I can’t find the thread of the right colour. On my recent trip to Delhi, … More Cross-stitch

Close Range Love

  A smart high school student falls in love with her new handsome English teacher. Kinkyori Renai a 2014 Japanese romantic comedy which is a live action adaptation of the shojo manga of the same name. Those of who don’t know, shojo is a manga (Japanese comics) genre targeted towards young teenage girls. I saw this movie … More Close Range Love