Thanks Pa for supporting me wholeheartedly into becoming an independent and confident daughter. The irony is that I finished this on mother’s day. My parents were really happy with it, Pa was so elated he changed his profile picture immediately. Ma said it is even better than my sister’s. I will be working on my … More Pa

Custom Portrait

I have been working for this since the past week as I needed it to be ready by tomorrow. I am quite happy that I finished it early. This is an anniversary present, which is tomorrow. We are crossing eight years of being together. I have taken care of small details from the way his … More Custom Portrait


My go to music has been K-pop since a while. K-pop is Korean pop music which comes out of South Korea. It is much more wildly known now because of the Korean Wave. However I began listening to K-pop in 2005, BIGBANG being my first foray for which I am eternally thankful. It is no secret … More BIGBANG

A month’s recap

I thought this would be a breather and I would just talk about what’s been going on with me all this past month. I haven’t been able to update any new content despite brainstorming ideas on what to write upon. Let’s start with what happened initially. My family came to visit, I was really looking forward … More A month’s recap

Anime edition

I finally got around to finishing my old cross-stitches, finally found all threads of right colours 🙂 . You probably know by now that I watch quite a lot of anime, the ones below are just a peek into how anime has found a profound connection with me. I came upon Naruto when I was … More Anime edition