Custom Portrait

I have been working for this since the past week as I needed it to be ready by tomorrow. I am quite happy that I finished it early. This is an anniversary present, which is tomorrow. We are crossing eight years of being together. I have taken care of small details from the way his … More Custom Portrait


My go to music has been K-pop since a while. K-pop is Korean pop music which comes out of South Korea. It is much more wildly known now because of the Korean Wave. However I began listening to K-pop in 2005, BIGBANG being my first foray for which I am eternally thankful. It is no secret … More BIGBANG

A month’s recap

I thought this would be a breather and I would just talk about what’s been going on with me all this past month. I haven’t been able to update any new content despite brainstorming ideas on what to write upon. Let’s start with what happened initially. My family came to visit, I was really looking forward … More A month’s recap

Anime edition

I finally got around to finishing my old cross-stitches, finally found all threads of right colours 🙂 . You probably know by now that I watch quite a lot of anime, the ones below are just a peek into how anime has found a profound connection with me. I came upon Naruto when I was … More Anime edition


“When everything seems hopeless you need to take it one day at a time. And if one day becomes too much, then just take one hour at a time. And if an hour is too much, just take a minute at a time”. I came upon SKAM when I was at a low point, the post … More SKAM

Focus, Isn’t it?

Jealousy is a weird thing right? Well, its a basic human emotion so. But, my question is how do you not feeling jealous? The thing that’s been bothering me recently is contentment. It isn’t necessarily about my work. I have come to understand that there will always be good days and bad days at work. Just, … More Focus, Isn’t it?