About me



This blog is a passion project for me. I watch a lot of movies, dramas, TV shows and anime. Here, I am trying to channel my interests into something productive and share a bit of these weird connections that goes inside my head. I would call it my outlook of the world.

I have been meaning to kickstart this blog since a long time. But I was either too busy or didn’t have the courage to do so earlier. I know I am not a good writer. I just write how I usually talk. All I keep in mind is that hopefully there are no typos and errors. If there are so, feel free to let me know.

I do hope you enjoy my content. It is going to be random and will depend on my mood. I usually write about things I feel a connection to. I will be drawing a lot of connections to my personal experiences as well.

Hopefully, you enjoy reading it. ❤



P. S. Ping me at sumilaphijam@gmail.com if you want to discuss more. 🙂