I have a profound love for cross-stitching. It is mostly therapeutic. I am sharing the ones done over the past few years, ever since I started. These are old ones. I have a lot of unfinished ones too, as mostly I can’t find the thread of the right colour. On my recent trip to Delhi, I spent more than an hour roaming inside Sardar Bazar to stock up my thread collection.

I have a lot more new ones too, I just haven’t had the time to click good pictures of them. I will upload them in the future.



This was my first cross-stitch. Took me 2-3 months to complete. On again – off again. And I kept running out of threads every week. I was making it for G Dragon‘s birthday but then I finished it months later. But it was worth all the time spent, I am really happy with how it turned out.


A tribute to Game of Thrones when it was airing last season. I might have made it when Jon Snow came back to life. I knew he would. It’s just, I was that excited. Took me 2 days to finish. I had finished it, but then I realised the proportions were off so I had to undo most of the stitches and do it all over again. Undoing stitches is not fun, but its part of the learning process anyway.


Bleach is my favourite anime of all time. I almost cried when I heard there will be no more anime. I mean, they didn’t cover all the manga. There is still so much story to tell. I still wish they would announce more episodes. This was done over a weekend continuously.


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