Well. My phone (I mean my smartphone) has been acting weird for the past few days. I guess it is nearing its end gradually. It has survived a solid 3 years with me, right by my side in my happiness and in solitude. So. it’s acting out on its own now. It eats (charges) when it feels like and suddenly resist without giving me any fair warning. It is starting to become crazy, I suppose. But how I wish it could communicate with me. I have been an extremely caring companion (Not to brag, but I usually am). How I wish I could understand it’s feelings. Maybe, 3 years is the average lifespan of a phone.

I like to believe every object has a soul. Not just plants and animals. That way the world is more engaging around me. I have had my share of arguments and misunderstandings with my phone. There are days when I really hate it, the sound of the phone ringing gives me a series of headache that I want to throw it from the window. But it is not entirely it’s fault. The only fault (or not) is that it makes us accessible 24×7, which is great for emergencies but otherwise just a disturbance or overstepping on my boundaries. I honestly don’t like the idea of it controlling my life. I mean there is a beautiful world just beyond the screen. You just have to look around. I have a weird relationship with it, I hate it and I can live without it, but I don’t want to. Nevertheless, it has stayed by me all these times and helped me in a countless number of situations and it will.

Frankly, I am sad to see to go. I have developed an attachment for you all these years. I got used to our love-hate relationship.


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