A wandering soul

It is one of those really gloomy days. The weather is hazy and cloudy. Maybe it is not the weather.

It is me, at least I think. I think a lot. Maybe not. No, definitely I do.

Well. I was exhausted last night. I didn’t even finish the movie. My mac is my sole companion every single night. So, I watch a lot of movies and tv shows. I watch at least two everyday after I am back from work. It usually plays through while I am preparing my dinner till I do the dishes, to the moment I fall asleep or even after.

Ok. I fell asleep midway I guess. It was an intensive, I felt as if I was dead. The sleep of exhaustion. I usually wake up feeling refreshed. But today, I felt uneasy.

I felt that it is my soul that woke up. I tried to brush off the thought. Took a shower thinking it might help feeling refreshed to kick start the day. A shower usually helps, a lot. But to no avail.

I reached work after a 35 mins ride and still I feel like a floating soul. Maybe, my soul is one going on about my daily activities while my body is still lying in the bed.

I really feel empty today. Or I am really tired. Or I am delusional.


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