Thanks Pa for supporting me wholeheartedly into becoming an independent and confident daughter. The irony is that I finished this on mother’s day. My parents were really happy with it, Pa was so elated he changed his profile picture immediately. Ma said it is even better than my sister’s. I will be working on my … More Pa


This one is record time, I finished it in a week. I can’t even believe myself. So fascinating. This is my sister, I have mostly tried to capture her smile but not sure it has turned out that well. Still a long way to go. I am planning to take a break for next week … More Annie


Another portrait. I find it so rewarding when everything finally comes together. Towards the beginning, I wondered if it would turn out as had expected. But towards the end of it, it becomes so satisfying that I can’t wait to finish it. The process, the threads, if they are screaming at me to finish it. … More Arun

GD Portrait

I have come to realise the immense pleasure in doing portraits. I started with my first one four years ago. And it took me months to finish that. That portrait was more elaborate as well. But those few months I was working on it were amazing. I had so much fun doing this one. And … More GD Portrait

Custom Portrait

I have been working for this since the past week as I needed it to be ready by tomorrow. I am quite happy that I finished it early. This is an anniversary present, which is tomorrow. We are crossing eight years of being together. I have taken care of small details from the way his … More Custom Portrait

Stranger Things

Just saw Stranger Things Season 2 over the weekend and it was so worth every second of my time. I binge watched the entire season as usual, it was 4 am when I finally slept. I still remember when I watched the first season on a cold thundering night. After being blown away, I kept telling … More Stranger Things